Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Indonesian Muslim Fashion Go Global With Hijup

Indonesia as a Muslim fashion center – or should we call it fashion Mecca? – , has been widely popularized in many occasions, and publications since a couple years ago. It’s an initiative that the government, along with significant stakeholders, want to accomplish this claimed title by the year 2020. What does ‘Muslim fashion center’ actually means? We’ll discuss about that more later.

Regardless of what the government aims for, we see more visible contributions made by the private sector to help achieve this goal faster. Hijup, created in August last year, is the first e-commerce site for multi brands muslim fashion, one of its kind in the world. Hijup was set up to be an online mall for muslim fashion, to accommodate local young muslim designers to globally market their collections. And beyond the expectation, huge response is coming not only from domestic market, but also from international buyers.
About 30 percent of Hijup customers are foreigners. They come from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France, England, Germany,  Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabian, Canada and US. More interestingly, they’re muslimahs from their origin countries, not Indonesian living abroad. “They love Indonesian muslim fashion design in Hijup for its comfort, adaptability and unique character”, explained Diajeng Lestari, Founder and Managing Director of
This is actually taking Indonesian fashion muslim around the world. Hijup brings the experience of real shopping into online platfrom. So potential customers from around the world, would be able to see the real picture of how diverse, rich and colorful of Indonesian designs, and they can shop these items right away.

At first, Diajeng and her team handled international sales by request only. But as international sales escalated, they believed they needed to create a special feature for buyers in other countries. Coincided with their first anniversary, Hijup launched their special platform for overseas buyer. With this platform, Hijup believe this will foster overseas sales, and thus becoming an effective way to internationally expand the market for Indonesian muslim fashion. (

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